Redpoint club
Helping Joburg climbers reach new heights

About us

Redpoint Club in a non profit organisation, set up in May 2015 to serve Johannesburg-based climbers who wish to compete in SANCF climbing competitions. Redpoint Club is not linked with any particular climbing facility or coaching programme - it is a group of like-minded climbers wishing to support one another and share a team identity for competition climbing. We are affiliated with Gauteng Climbing and we have two partners: 

  • Offwidth, a company that, in addition to other services, offers climbing coaching to all ages, at all levels. 
  • CityROCK Johannesburg, a world class climbing gym which also offers group coaching to people at all levels of climbing ability.


We are open to all climbers in the Johannesburg area. Annual Redpoint subscription includes affiliation fees with Gauteng Climbing and with the South African National Climbing Federation. To be eligible to participate in the NBL Gauteng Finals or the Gauteng Climbing Lead Competitions, a climber needs to be a member of an affiliated club such as Redpoint. Please note that SANCF and SASCOC require that climbers cannot be members of more than one affiliated club. MCSA Jhb members are welcome, as they are not able to compete under the MCSA banner. Redpoint offers special membership rates for climbers coached by Offwidth, and City Rock Johannesburg offers coaching specials to Redpoint members.

2019 - 2020 Committee

Tyler Morrissey (President)
Dane Bishop (Vice President)
Jo-Ann Cosser (Secretary)
Sonja Thomas (Treasurer)
Jael van Eck (Development)

Meet our the newest Committee Members - all in new portfolios:

Allister Fenton (Coaching - CityROCK)